Calafate Mountain Park becomes to MilOutdoor

Mil Outdoor SA is a historic company located in Calafate, Argentina that has specialized itself in offering unique experiences to those visiting Patagonia. Mil Outdoor SA is currently offering year-round outings that can be enjoyed by any and everyone.

Mil Outdoor offers summer and winter programs. As you already know, Mil Outdoor offers a wide range of outdoor activities in but not limited to Calafate. In the summer months, Mil Outdoor offers 4×4 and quad excursions as well as kayaking and rafting. It’s no surprise that the winter months are a bit different as Calafate becomes covered in white. That is when the Mil Outdoor snow activities begin! Winter activities include, skiing, snowmobiling, tubing, and trekking with snowshoes.

Why we change the name of our brand

You may ask yourself why we are giving you this gratuitous information that you were already aware of, well…it is because a change is about to occur. The website formally known as will now become

Due to high traffic volumes and a desire to offer a complete and concise website Calafate Mountain Park has decided to integrate into Mil Outdoor’s brand. From now on, all updates, news, and activities pertaining to Calafate Mountain Park will take place on Mil Outdoor’s website.

We are still the same. As always!

It is important to note that this website change does not affect the quality of the activities offered. The commercial name change is the only adjustment being made to the brand, operations will not be effected. All activities and excursions offered on will continue to be offered on It is both Calafate Mountain Park and Mil Outdoor’s desire to provide its public with a concise brand that offers variety and quality experiences. Mil Outdoor is here to offer all of what Calafate Mountain Park has to offer plus much more.

Lastly, remember that Mil Outdoor SA is a company of Pas Grau International. It is an Andorran company known for skiing and outdoor activities with operations in more than 20 countries worldwide. Pas Grau International has helped aid in the design and operation of the Mil Outdoor experiences. This guarantees that clients have memorable experiences when advetnuring with Mil Outdoor.