The Upsala kayaking Experience is an once-in-a-lifetime sensation. If you have the opportunity to do this amazing activity as the kayak accompanied by a natural setting that will leave you breathless, composed by majestic ice blocks floating in the turquoise milky waters of the Lago Argentino. The Upsala glacier is the second largest iceberg in Argentina and is located in the Glacier National Park.
Full Day Rafting, takes place in El Chaltén city, in Santa Cruz, this activity takes place in Río de las Vueltas, people performing this experience may contemplate the whitish color of the water, as a result of the glacial affluents. During the tour, you will have time to familiarize oneself with the raft handling, learning the technique and to use the specific equipment, a theoretical class, and then, practice in the river in a very quiet area, an other time to enjoy and feel the adrenaline of the sinuous rapids, and at the same time, learn to work as a team to get to destination and enjoy the landscape around and the calm waters of the final stretch of the trip.

The balconies of El Calafate are a stunning natural place that will allow you, to have a panoramic view of the city, Lago Argentino, The Andes, and if the weather conditions helps, the Cerro Fitz Roy and the Cerro Torre, in El Chaltén. You can also have the chance to sight condors, characteristic of the area. You can visit this spectacular place on an excursion in 4×4 or on quads. In both, you will have the opportunity to relax at the base of Cerro Huyliche, at a shelter, to enjoy typical local dishes.
All these activities are equipped with highly experienced guides who will stay helping you everytime, you will receive theoretical and practical training, and you will also have a specially designed equipment for each activity that you will perform, ensuring your safety and comfort.